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O-keshō お化粧: Traditional Japanese Make-up.


Oshiroi 白粉 / Shiro-nuri 白塗り: White/Pink foundation used by Geisha and Maiko.


Kyō-beni 京紅: Red lip-stain. Also used on the corners of the eye-lids and eye brows. The traditional Kyō-beni has a iridescent green to it in bright light.


Beni-fude 紅筆: Lipstick brush.



Bintsuke: Oil (solid at room temperature) used as a base layer below oshiroi, like moisturiser



Ohaguro お歯黒: Black wax applied to the teeth of a Maiko only during their Sakkō period. It must be melted slightly to be applied. Use is up to personal preference.


Ishineri 石練: Wax used to flatten eyebrows.


Neck of Japanese Woman Wearing Kimono

Eri-ashi 衿足: Two-pronged design painted on the nape of the neck with Oshiroi. Considered in-formal.


Sanbon-ashi 三本足: Three-pronged design painted on the nape of the neck with a stencil. For formal occasions only.