Geisha websites and galleries on the web

Here I’ll list sites and galleries of interest as I find them, this includes links to the sites of real geisha galleries of photographers from kyoto and information sites featuring history and further details on the hanamachi.

Websites of Modern Geisha and Maiko

Koito-san’s webpage – Japanese – Gaijin Geisha in Asakusa – Hana-chan was the Punk Geisha but no longer works in the industry

Blogs from Geisha fans in Japan – Content finishes around 2008 but has beautiful content from Kyoto and many pictures of Geisha and Maiko – Author of One Hundred Views of Maiko and Geisha keeps a regular photo blog

Photographs and Galleries

Mail Magazine’s Geisha Gallery Japanese

Geisha and Maiko – Vintage postcards free to reuse

The fascinating life of the Nine Fingered Geisha – A vintage photo set

Ukiyo-e museum of Nagoya TV Possibly the best online Ukiyo-e Exhibit I’ve
ever seen, Nagoya TV bought the print collection of Yijima and given
is a selection of astounding and often very famous prints (Japanese
and English)

Geisha and Maiko of Japan (Frantisek Staud’s beautiful photographs)

Immortal Geisha Naomi’s exquisite site, well researched and highly recommended

Geisha and Maiko PhotoPostcards

40 great vintage Geisha Photos

Music and arts

Gei of Geisha Music Identity and Meaning


Hakone Geisha Organisation


Geisha’s Garden

Geisha: the Entertainment Arts (’s guide to Geisha, a links site)

Geisha of Japan

The Shizuka Online Teahouse


MAICA (a tourist site where you can pay to dress and be photographed as a Maiko)

Geisha ( a nicely written historical essay for a college class )

History of the Geisha

Japan Corner – Benihana – Geisha (this site also has an excellent page
on Kimono styles)

Tale of Murasaki .com; Liza Dalby‘s site devoted to
Heian Japan